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After years of unremitting efforts, Kisica Shop has become the main eyelash extension vendors and professional eyelash extension supplies in the European and American markets.

Kisica Shop is very careful when choosing the raw materials for eyelash extensions.
Because if the quality of the raw materials for eyelash extension is unstable, it will greatly reduce the experience of the end customer.

The current quality of raw materials in Kisica Shop:
1. Even thickness of each lash
2. High-temperature resistant eyelashes
3. Good durability and flexibility of the eyelashes
4.Lash Brightness: Matte (Black) / Bright (slightly blue)
5.Eyelash elasticity: High
6.Lash Softness: Medium Softness
7.Eyelash tip length: Medium tip length

If you are looking for eyelash extension vendors, professional eyelash extension supplies.
Please contact us as soon as possible.
Working with us will greatly improve the experience of you and your end customers.