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Kisica Beauty Shop supplies hair products for many North America and Europe.

Eyelash extension vendorsprofessional eyelash extension supplies :

1. Even thickness of each lash
2. High-temperature resistant eyelashes
3. Good durability and flexibility of the eyelashes
4.Lash Brightness: Matte (Black) / Bright (slightly blue)
5.Eyelash elasticity: High
6.Lash Softness: Medium Softness
7.Eyelash tip length: Medium tip length

Mink eyelash vendors wholesaleWholesale mink lashes vendors

1. Logo: Private Label Logo / OEM / ODM (any number of products)
2. A pair of Lashes Style Absolutely Consistent, No Different Style
3. 3D lashes with a good layering effect
4. Soft Lashes Line
5. Over 200 style lashes are fully stocked (same day shipping)

If you are looking for hair extension vendors, please hurry up and contact us. Let us work more happily and relaxedly.