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Kisica shop started in 2013

Kisica Shop has experienced many mistakes on the way to the production of Eyelashes and Wigs

To our delight, we have gained a lot of experience in the industry. At the same time, we can provide eyelash extension suppliers, wig buyers, and eyelash purchasers with the quality that suits them better.

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Beste Klassische Volume wimpern extensions bestellen

Reasonable Price

Kisica’s eyelash extensions and wigs are of the highest quality and lowest price because we produce and process them directly

We export eyelash extensions and wigs to many well-known companies around the world
Trusted Brand Company

Quality Assurance

Our company has set up a quality inspection department, which is divided into two parts: process inspection and final product quality inspection, to ensure that there is no quality problem at every joint of the product

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